Console Connect API (1.0.0)

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This document provides an API reference, grouped by function, describing how to use the Console Connect REST API. Products available through the Console Connect API include:

  • Ports - A port allows customers to access multiple on-demand Console Connect services, including access to cloud services, geographically separate networks (such as remote or branch offices) and the Internet, via a single network connection.
  • L2 Connections - Console Connect's point-to-point Layer 2 connection is a secured virtual private Ethernet service, transported via a fully redundant Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) enabled IP infrastructure provided by PCCW Global.
  • Internet On-Demand (IO-D) - The IO-D service is carried on a fully redundant dual-stack global IP network, providing business-grade internet connectivity for enterprises and service providers.
  • CloudRouter - CloudRouter is an MPLS VPN IP based infrastructure service which provides a private Layer 3 meshed network between multiple locations and network endpoints globally for enterprises and service providers.

Console Connect API User Guide

This API guide focuses on configuring network services. Example calls are provided using the curl command, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. All specific values provided in the following examples are sample values, and should be replaced with appropriate values.